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The Best Penis Enlargement Pills

The best penis enlargement pills do much more than just help you improve your penis size; they have a positive effect on your overall sex life. They can increase your libido and staying power, help you last longer and give you more powerful orgasms.

Based on our own research and by studying the research of leading men's health professionals, we present to you the best penis enlargement pills currently available on today's market. Take a look at each brand and notice their unique strengths. Then choose the one that seems best suited to your needs and goals.


Vimax Penis Enlargement Pills

Manufactured and distributed by:

481 Parkview Lane
MI 49635

Vimax uses only 100% natural ingredients, including ginseng, ginko, saw palmetto and cayenne fruit, blended together in a patented formula with proven results. Since all these elements are found in nature, Vimax is completely safe with no unwanted side effects. It's effects are lasting, because it works by expanding the penile tissues for permanent results.

Our extensive research has shown without a doubt that Vimax is the most effective pill on today's market. And if you don't agree, they boast a money-back guarantee that allows you to try it out risk-free.

For the most value for money, we recommend you by their 6 month supply. It saves you $125 off the standard price, and it always gives you the best chance to achieve your goals of penis enlargement.

What You Should Expect with Vimax:

  • penis growth of 2-4 inches
  • increase in blood flow for harder, longer erections
  • more powerful orgasms
  • better staying power
  • no side effects
  • money back guarentee



Vimax is endorsed by the Consumer Health Organization and has been named the most effective enlargement pill by multiple non-profit research firms.


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Maxirex Penis Enlargement Pills

Manufactured and distributed by:

5764 Monklan Ave, Suite 555
Motreal, Quebec
H4A 1E9

Marirex is one of the latest pills on the market to garner a lot of attention. It uses an advanced formula to send more blood into the tissues of the penis, causing them to expand and retain their increased size for permanent results. Clinical testing has shown Maxirex to be 100% safe, without any additional side effects.

Marirex offers a money-back guarantee, so if you're not satisfied you'll be able to return it for a refund. Tests show that users of Maxirex show penis growth of up to 4 inches within a few months of taking it.

If you buy Maxirex in bulk, you can receive a considerable discount. A six month supply is available for less than half the regular price.

What to Expect with Maxirex

  • greater blood flow and harder erections.
  • an increase in length of 2 - 4 inches
  • longer staying power
  • zero side effects
  • permanent growth



A study of 100 men showed an average growth in penis length of 2.4 inches, and of 0.4 inches in girth.


Vimax Volume

Vimax Volume is another herbal, all natural supplement from Vimax, this one specifically designed to increase orgasm strength, volume of ejaculation, and overall health of the sexual reproductive system. Vimax Volume is for health conscious men who desire a better sex life, and more powerful orgasms but who aren’t particularly concerned with penis enlargement. This pill focuses on the blood and semen flow in the penis by cleaning out the arteries, oxygenating the cells, stimulating the thyroid and encouraging the body to produce more, healthier semen.

Our research showed a dramatic increase in sperm volume in our test subjects as well as a very high report of improved sexual pleasure and confidence. Men lasted longer during sex, had a more pleasurable experience and experienced more powerful orgasms.

Vimax Volume comes at the same price per bottle as regular Vimax, with dramatic savings the more you buy off the start.

What You Should Expect With Vimax Volume:

  • Improvement of all aspects of reproductive system
  • Healthier sex organ, vitality, sperm
  • Higher, more intense sperm volume
  • Improved sperm quality
  • Higher fertility



Vimax has long been an endorsed brand by the Consumer Health Organization as a safe and healthy product. Vimax Volume has proven in tests of ours, and by multiple research firms to be highly effective for the specific product claims.


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  • Richard

    Houston Texas

    "Amazing! I can't even believe it. These pills are like Viagra times ten. After 4 months of taking Vimax I'm already at my goal of an extra 1.5 inches. Now I've got nothing to hide. Not to mention I'm lasting double as long as I used to."

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