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Circumcision: Penis Size and Enlargement Exercises

We get a lot of letters from men asking if circumcision affects their size or enlargement exercises. Circumcision can affect a men's sex life both in its aesthetic appearance and in its altered level of sensitivity While there is no proven link between size and circumcision, there a few things you should probably keep in mind if you're a circumcised male trying penis exercises.

Penis Size in Circumcised and Non-Circumcised Men

The difference between a circumcised and uncircumcised penis is negligible when it comes to length. The foreskin is pulled back when the penis becomes erect, and as such does not give any added length. Foreskin may cause a flaccid penis to look slightly longer. The changes circumcision bring about in the penis are strictly aesthetic it nature.

Circumcision and Enlargement Exercises

Whether or not you are circumcised may affect your stretching routine. Always adapt your routine to suit your own level of comfort, do not continue to perform exercises in a way that you find painful.
There are two ways that circumcision can come into play when you are doing penis exercises.

If you are an uncircumcised male, you may wish not to stretch the foreskin for aesthetic reasons. Simply pull back the foreskin before you begin stretching to avoid this.
Circumcised men may find that the head of the penis is more sensitive. They may wish to avoid exercises that stretch at the head, or at least take extra precautions.

In general, a circumcised penis may be more sensitive than an uncircumcised one. If you are experiencing discomfort, ease back your routine to a more manageable level. If pain is severe, stop the penis exercises and consult a physician.
If you have any questions about circumcision, penis size or enlargement exercises, reach us though our contact us page.

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